Timeless anti-aging line

Modern line of preparations aimed at the correction of age-related skin changes. It allows to enhance natural regeneration processes, weakened with the time, as well as with the pace of life and environmental exposure. Suitable for dry skin, very dry skin, mature skin and weakened skin. The preparations are developed in accordance with the new principles of effective impact on skin, aimed at restoring all the natural biological mechanisms in every layer of skin.

The main directions of the line:

Anti-aging care

Firming care

 Modelling care

Alternative to aesthetic injection procedures

The impact points of the preparations of the line:

 general anti-aging effect

 restoration of the contour and shape of the face

 sagging chin skin

 returning the volume of the cheekbones and the orbital zone

 skin firmness and elasticity

 small wrinkles smoothing and mimic wrinkles correction

 horny layer rehydration and developing a healthy and full-fledged epidermal barrier

 skin colour and texture improvement

The composition of all preparations of Timeless line includes the following active ingredients:

Active SMRT © complex, based on the use of modern, biotechnological raw materials, which has successfully undergone clinical tests, with the aim of obtaining long-term and visible results.


4 cuting-edge complexes: Progeline ™, Adipofillin™, DermCom ©, CM-Glucan ©

– Individually and collectively, they perfectly cope with the solution of the tasks set.

The Progeline ™ complex is based on the use of the biomimetic peptide Tripeptide-2, an inhibitor of the Progerin enzyme, which destroys the collagen-elastin derma complex. The use of this complex provides a modelling effect, returns elasticity to the skin, reducing deep wrinkles.

The Adipofillin ™ complex ​​is an amino acid, ornithine of plant origin, a stimulator of the adipocyte formation process, an inhibitor of fat cells lipolysis. The unique delivery mechanism of this complex with the help of Ionosome ™ allows it to penetrate deep into skin, affecting hypodermis cells and restoring the lost facial volume.

The DermCom © complex is a combination of extracts of two plants: Crocus Chrysanthus (golden crocus) and Acacia Senegal (sudan gum) activates the keratinocyte – fibroblast intercellular interaction mechanism through the stimulation of growth hormone. There happens a coordinated activity of the dermo-epidermal matrix cells and the simultaneous synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, giving elasticity and firmness to the skin.

CM-Glucan © complex is a beta glucan polysaccharide, a modified extract of yeast cell walls, a unique anti-inflammatory component that influences inflammatory mediators of both neurogenic and exogenous origin like stress, being also a stabilizer of the immune system of the skin.

All the preparations of the Timeless line are enriched with vitamins, minerals, cutting-edge moisturizers, natural oils and fatty acids necessary for restoring effectively various skin properties  and increasing its resistance to hazardous  impacts.

The active components of Timeless line provide the skin with energy that activates the natural biological mechanism inherent to the cells’ DNA, promoting renewal, restoration and antioxidant protection.

Regular use increases efficiency and provides visible results!

The main three factors that determine the effect of age on the look of facial skin:

 slow regeneration process – leads to the formation of keratosis, changing the colour and texture of skin, reducing reparative processes.

 violation of the physiological harmony of skin cells – leads to thinning of the epidermal layer, disturbance of hydro balance, microcirculation, destruction of collagen and elastin dermal fibres, the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, sagging and gravitational ptosis, especially in mandibular and orbital zones.

• reduction of the protective properties of skin – leads to the accumulation of mutations caused by exposure to the sunlight, reduced immunity, the development of proneness to pathological changes.

Timeless line solves these problems with the help of innovative active ingredients, without surgical intervention:

• stimulates and normalizes cell renewal processes

• neutralizes the action of enzymes destroying aging stimulants

• strengthens the immune system, returns the volume of the subdermal fat layer

• stabilizes intercellular interactions

Timeless: It is real to stop the time!

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