If you are a practicing cosmetologist or a manicure / pedicure master, KART Cosmetics offers you, work on high-performance KART cosmetics, and buy it at lower prices than retail prices (prices that are displayed on the site at the moment).

To do this, you need to fill out the registration form below or send an email to our mail so that the site administrator will register you as a master and you could use our special program for masters. It is necessary to attach your master’s diploma to the letter, it is enough ordinary photography, it is not necessary in skankopia. Write down whether you are familiar with KART cosmetics, where you learned about it and whether you work with KART drugs, if so, write with which ones.


Or use the registration form, indicating all your data


* After the site administrator activates your new Master status, the site will automatically show you lower prices than those that are currently displayed on the site. And you can order KART products at prices intended for masters.

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